Nancy King & Mary Kadderly

Nancy King & Mary Kadderly
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To Purchase the Nancy King and Mary Kadderly CD, please send a e-mail to [email protected].

Breaking new ground, the two singers, both rooted in the jazz tradition, decided to try a contemporary approach to distribution. They’ll release two tunes online for digital download instead of a complete CD, a strategy not unusual in in pop music but less common in jazz.

“The way people are getting music is changing, and I’m doing this to see how it goes,” says Kadderly. “We wanted to document what we’d done, and we’re also creating a desire for more.”

And how couldn’t listeners not want more of this smooth blend of voices and styles?

“I essentially handle the melody,” explains Kadderly, “and Nancy does the improvising.” So while Kadderly sings “The Very Thought of You,” King weaves wordless vocalizing around her like saxophonist John Coltrane improvising around Johnny Hartman’s lyrics in their earlier version of the song.

One of the world’s top scat singers, King uses her supple voice like a horn on “Honeysuckle Rose,” which they have cleverly combined with “Scrapple From the Apple” in a bebop romp that features King scatting in counterpoint and solo passages with flawless intonation and superb time. Kadderly’s nicely shaded and colorful voice provides a perfect complement.

— Lynn Darroch The Oregonian